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May. 14th, 2017 11:47 am
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I had been hoping for a ‘Happy Birthday Dino’ type post this week. He was 10 on Thursday. And I rode on Thursday for the first time in a couple of weeks, in the field as the quarantine is still in effect. Here is the birthday boy:

Birthday Dino!

Friday: Well. Friday. Dino’s temperature was 39.4. His usual is 37.2 so this was a bit of a shock. Rang Goncalo and he said ‘give two Bute call me tomorrow’. Saturday his temp was back down to 37.4 in the morning and 37.1 in the evening so I thought we’d caught it. Sunday though: 39.7. Fuck fuck fuck.

Goncalo has given us antibiotics and Bute. Given the first this evening and hopefully we’ve caught it soon enough….but it looks like somehow he’s got Strangles. Fuck everything.

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What a fucking nightmare this is. I’m shattered. I’ve been to the yard every morning this week and every evening. Livery haven’t touched Dino. He’s mostly fine, couple of spikes in temperature but we’ve kept going with the antibiotics and it’s an even 37.1 for the last day. He has a small amount of discharge but I think that might just be the hay and straw he’s exposed to.

We will find out on Friday. Goncalo says the only way to be sure if it is Strangles is to do a guttural pouch wash so he’s coming out on Friday afternoon. With any luck I’ll get the results before I go on holiday and with a bit more luck it won’t be strangles. Not really holding out much hope though….

Meanwhile he’s in pony prison… *sadness*

Pony prison

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I wrote a thing for Jayne, Dino's breeder, about what's he's been up to this year! Hopefully you can see it clearly!

EDITED: found a better way!

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I want to keep a record of what the hole in Dino's jaw looked like at various times, for my own curiosity/memory/comparison.


Just don't. I'm posting this here, publicly, as there a few people who might be curious about it so that's why I'm leaving this here. Don't say I didn't warn you...!!!

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Another small confidence boost yesterday. After some nice work in the school - we're getting a couple more strides of canter on each rein every day I think - we popped out along the bridlepath with Claire again...and we went in front. Not only on the road in trot, past the scary dog (he was fine!) but also in front having a little canter back along the bridlepath. I've cantered him plenty on his own up there but never with another horse (quite a cross horse who's used to being in front and didn't think we were going fast enough!!!) behind. Dino was perfect - more forward with someone running up him bum but came back when I asked and trotted as soon as I wanted. So a small victory but I'm adding it to the collection here so I can find it again in the future if I should need reminding....!

<3 my pony.
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Happy Birthday Dino! 7 years old today

Yesterday I plucked up the courage to take him over to Arrandene Open Space which is a local set of bridleways with a hill you can gallop up in the middle. It's a hack along a main road though, with a double decker bus route and I'm not very brave at open spaces and galloping so I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. We went with our favourite hacking partners, Claire and Bug. I love being able to hack with Claire - she's great as she's pretty confident but she's understanding of my occasional nerves, always asks before moving up a gear and never makes me feed bad if I say 'actually can we not?'. We had two gallops up the hill - the first one was a bit nerve-wrecking for me, but the second time I enjoyed it. She asked if I wanted to go again but Dino was pretty tired and I had enjoyed it so we left it there. I think he had a good time - and I turned him back out for an hour or so when I got home so he had a good roll after getting all sweaty :)

So we had a good time and I'm feeling like my confidence has increased a bit and am pretty pleased with myself and I super chuffed with Dino as he was brilliant which seems to be his default setting at present.
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*drum-roll* WE HAVE CANTER!!! :o) With a bit of a concerted effort over the past fortnight we now have a reasonably consistent 5 or 7 steps of left canter in the school. I'm very pleased - today he popped into canter from walk and was beautifully forward and responsive, despite it p*ssing it down with rain. We can only do straight lines and the right canter often doesn't happen (that's his weaker hind so he finds it hard to push off) but I feel like we've made a huge step forwards. Given how much better it is just in a couple of weeks I don't think it will be long before we have a good canter on both reins.

Obviously this week has been very hard with losing Pico but Dino hasn't been too upset by things. I'll spare you the details but he had a good look, sniff (and chew) of the body when Pico went, called for him once when I took him back to his box that night, but hasn't called or been looking for him since. He seems to understand and has accepted that his friend won't be coming back. I've moved him along one box to a brighter box that has a window at the back and a new friend next door (otherwise he would have been a bit on his own and we didn't want that) but he's settled down nicely. In fact yesterday and today he's been super forward and off the leg and really going well.

I had a brief chat with the vet before he left us on Thursday and we've agreed to leave the jaw alone for the moment. He didn't think the lump had got smaller, but did agree with me it's not grown in a couple of months so now we give it time and pray it sorts itself out. Much as I love Goncalo I'm happy to not see him again for a bit...! The next scheduled visit will be to take a look at Dino's teeth in 6 months or so.

So pretty happy with how Dino is right now - going to get up early tomorrow and hopefully have another lovely ride in the quiet part of the day - need to get him working over raised poles to strengthen up that hind and help get the right canter going :)
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Interesting day for me today - I now understand why Dino looks so perturbed when the osteopath is twangling his neck vertebrae - it does feel funny!!

First things first: We had a nice ride this morning. He's been going pretty well and I've started working on achieving canter in the school. More experienced and less impatient people would probably feel it could be left a bit longer but I really want to get it going - even if only for a few strides. He's fine out on the 'canter spot' of the bridlepath and will pop forward with no bother but he has a real hang up in the school. He was going nicely on Saturday so I asked from walk and did one stride and then had a bucking fit :sad: so we went round and try again and in the end got 5 strides nicely on the left rein. The right rein is more tricky but we did get a stride or two. Today tried again and got 5 strides on the left rein without much fuss, but the right I really don't think that inside hind is strong enough to push himself off properly, an opinion the osteo agreed with as this morning was my turn to be assessed!

After Dino I popped myself down the road for my assessment with David and it was very interesting. He thinks my hips and lumbar spine are ok - pelvis is a tiny bit wonky but not very far out and probably not causing serious issues. What he did find though is that my right shoulder (I'm left handed) and neck on that side is very jammed up. Just like my pony! This is probably due to using a mouse a lot at work and getting into a habit of clenching my shoulder on that side. David did a bit of treatment to loosen it all up, and I'm going to have a couple more of those sessions. I do get a bit of shoulder pain on that side but I was quite surprised to find it's actually quite uneven.

Interesting to think what effect this might be having on my riding - I often find Dino is bent right when we're hacking although I feel like my seat is even. It probably is, mostly, but I might well be putting more weight on the right rein and tipping my head slightly to the right as everything is very stiff that side. Fascinating! I must get M to take some video in a while.

I think what I'll do now is keep doing the transitions, flexion, leg-yield, shoulder-in work I've been doing with Dino but try to add in some in hand, or lunging work over raised poles to strengthen get his right hind moving better. I'll keep with the little bit of canter we have in the school, so just 5 strides or so down the long side on the left rein but not worry too much about the right for the moment. He can sometimes get right canter outside although I think M gets it more consistently than I do probably in part as I'm loading that side of him more by being crooked.

ION I treated myself to an SLR camera. First attempts at working out where things are, LOL:
Dubious horse is dubious and thinks you should work out how to turn the flash off:

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I just back-dated a bunch but I don't think they will appear on your feeds unless you go find them.. (they are all tagged 'dino' if you're interested). An update from today!

Another update! I'm almost remembering to do this regularly... :)

What a difference a bit of sun makes! :db: The weather has been pretty great recently and he's been quite keen to get out and about. The yard has resurfaced the school we usually ride on which is *lovely* and generally he's been pretty forward and willing of late. Things seem to have calmed down a bit personally - managed to sneak in a brief weekend in Morocco (including 2 hour hack through the Atlas Mountains!) and it was great to just get away from everything for a couple of days.

We've been working on two things recently: moving off the leg and bending. He is moving much more forward after his very lazy period over Christmas and is beginning to bend a bit better. The osteopath has been out again and says he's still very very stiff through his pelvis, hips and neck and we're wondering how much I (and M) are contributing to this so I have a session with him myself in a couple of weeks to see how my stiffness matches up with Dino's! I suspect this will prove quite interesting and provide more homework for me!!

I would like to get him in a bit more work - aiming at ridden 45-60 mins ridden 4 times a week and then couple of in hand or lunging sessions on top that. He was weighed yesterday and came in at 600kg which I'm not surprised by but it more than I want him to be. I need to get someone to check how tall he actually is but I think he could use losing 25-35 kg really. He's got a bit of an apple bum going on and his ribs are a little hard to find...

Anyway, basically feeling pretty positive about things right now although I've yet to hear from the vet about how happy (or otherwise) he is with the jaw. *sigh*.

It's not a real update without pictures is it?

Long-lining down the bridle path...see what I mean about the bum??
The view from a long-reining session down the bridlepath

Bathed him today and plaited up his mane for 3 reasons: 1 - to try and stop him rubbing it, 2 - to try and stop me over-brushing it and 3 - I've been slightly struggling to see how his bend is to the left as his mane has been in the way!
Bath day

'Oh for heavens sake Mum! Can we not just go????'
New plaits!

Got my friend Claire to snap one of us together
Back from a ride

Only trouble with today is it wasn't sunny. This is what colour he actually is and much prettier it is too:
Right side

For anyone who's interested, this is the last jaw pic I sent to the vet:
That jaw again...
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Not too many updates recently as we've both been pretty fed up. He's been planting when asked to walk in mud which is basically everywhere at the moment and generally been not the most co-operative. And with that and the endless rain and dark and cold it's been a miserable January. I got really frustrated with him a few times and ended up resorting to a bit of pony-club style kicking to get him to walk down the bridlepath which made me feel really awful afterwards (although he did walk where I asked). It's just been so demoralising.

So, in a fit of feeling like I should never get on a horse ever again I ordered a copy of 'Cobs Can' and it arrived earlier this week. It's a really interesting read :) I certainly think mentally Dino is a 'cob' - it's a big part of why I love him so much. I've always had a thing for cobs - never had any trouble getting to ride my favourite horses at the riding schools I grew up in as they were the big, safe cobs that everyone else hated as they were too slow!! Omar's book is brilliant though and although most of the information is the same as Heather's it's really given me some good things to work on taking Dino's slightly backwards thinking.

It was such a beautiful day today that armed with my revision of basic aids (I still struggle with that using your legs inwards and forwards thing after owning Heather's book for 10 years and doing a simulator course!!) and a clear plan we spent 40 mins in the school today working on getting prompt transitions in walk-halt, walk-trot using really small leg aids and backing it up with a tap with my whip if he didn't respond. I left his head well alone - he's been really fussy in his mouth lately which I think is just a sign of him being fed up but I mostly left him alone at the front and just concentrated on getting him moving smartly from the leg. It was brilliant! I think we were a bit helped by the wind, but he was really good. We *nearly* got walk to canter, nearly. He was certainly thinking about it. Feeling a bit stupid really that I had to be reminded to do this as I know full well this is what he needs.

After working in the school I took him down the bridlepath and nearly lost all my good work in a disagreement about going through a puddle onto the path in the first place but we got down, went part way down the path and then turned back for home. He's much more keen coming home so I ask for trot and then a gentle canter. Well. Apparently I had him a little too much off the leg!! Before I know it we're going flat out gallop up the bridlepath :o I think he enjoyed having a good run :D I did have to pull him up quite sharply before we hit the road though which I'm a bit unhappy about but he really didn't want to stop!!!

So I'm feeling very happy with him today and I think a good run might have cheered him up. I'll have another go with some transitions (ideally with some poles) later in the week if the weather holds but it looks like it's going to be thoroughly awful again so we might not get much done. It will be spring soon, right...?
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Been a bit of a mixed bag lately. Generally he's been pretty good. The weather has been a fraction drier this past week and there's been some sun so everyone's feeling a bit brighter. I've been working on transitions and a bit of flexion in the school and still be hacking a bit. He's very stiff to the right, and I'm feeling pretty stiff and uneven as well so the work in the school is going quite slowly. His osteopath is due back up at the end of the this month and I think we might need a series of treatments to properly 'un-twangle' him. I've been doing some physio myself which is helping but sometimes it feels like progress is very slow. This month has been the worst for a while personally though so I haven't really been concentrating on the horses much. A friend of M's & mine died due to complications of childbirth on the 2nd and the month seems to have gone past in a bit of a fog. Somehow I managed to fill in a job application and have an interview next week :o which is terrifying so he's not going to get my full attention for a short while yet!

On the downside for him, the vet came out last week to do his jabs and have a look in his mouth - he's still not happy about the jaw :cry: The lump is still growing - not quickly, but it hasn't stopped. Vet said the lymph node on that side of his face is still active and the gum is slightly swollen so we're trying 6 weeks of two Bute per day to hopefully sort it out. Really hope this stops it once and for all.

Haven't had pictures for ages! Snapped these last week:

Dino - February 2014

Dino - February 2014

Dino - February 2014
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Just going to repost some stuff here that I put on another forum so I have it 'backed up'. This might get long, sorry, but I guess there's little else happening on LJ so you all (like 3 of you who read here!!) might forgive me??

Ooof! Not updated here for a while, although I think I did post an update on a different thread.

We've been taking it easy a bit recently. Before Christmas Dino seemed a bit off - quite lethargic and lying down a lot. We had some blood tests run and they showed nothing, and then put him on a single Bute for a week to see if that made a difference and it didn't so, although I'm keeping a close on eye on him, the working opinion is he's just a bit fed up. We've ditched the school work for a bit and instead have been doing more hacking (or what passes for it round here!) and free schooling over poles and jumps. He seems to have perked up a bit. M took him with a friend to the nearest place you can have a proper decent canter on Christmas Day and this seems to have opened him up to the joy of quick movement with a human on board!

Last week my friend Claire and I took him Dino and his mate Bug out for our usual Wednesday morning hack and when we asked for a bit of canter along the bridlepath on the way home they *both* took off at flat out gallop!!! :o It was good fun and they obviously enjoyed it. Today's hack was on the road with Claire and her daughter's horse Jester. Now whilst Bug is the perfect hacking partner and not phased by anything Jester is a bit of a silly boy so Dino had to be grown up and go in front (1st time ever), past a double decker bus (1st time ever) and he was amazing! Calm as anything. Really pleased with how he is out at the moment.

We've also been working over poles and small jumps - mostly loose, but I have hopped on a couple of times and we can do around 2ft from trot quite nicely now :db: He's not cantering in the school yet - but he's getting much more balanced over a small fence with a rider and he really enjoys that too so I think we're moving the right way.

*touch wood* No sign of mud fever yet this year either. His heels were looking a bit pink on Saturday so we kept him in Sunday but they looked fine after that. We've got some barrier cream on but the fields are awful at the moment - about 6 inches of muddy water more than anything else. They horses don't really like being out in it and I can't say I blame them. I called Dino in the other week and he was sooooooo happy to come up the field he appeared at flat out gallop with the whole herd behind him :o Quite alarming to have half a dozen big horses bearing down on you at speed so I quickly put myself on the other side of the gate!!! Our outdoor schools are pretty water-logged too right now so I don't think we'd be doing much schooling anyway. I really would like the rain to shove off for a bit :sad:

Anyway, I'm feeling quite good about where we are at the moment. There's lots I'd like to be working on but I think the hacking and popping about over fences is doing him so good and he's not been lying down as much and has some energy under saddle again so *fingers crossed* there's nothing sinister going on. No more big vet bills please Baby!!! :laugh:
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"I have to get up early tomorrow because my horse is seeing his osteopath" is apparently the most middle class thing anyone has ever said. But so it was this morning as we were on the yard by 9am so the lovely David could tweak the ponies.

We've been having some problems saddling and girthing Dino lately. He's not been happy at all about being tacked up and then been unhappy about being mounted so we had David pay particular attention to his back/shoulder/belly and make sure there's no underlying problem or pain. David think he's fine, but could see he was anxious about being touched round his girth area. There doesn't seem to be any pain though so it's probably in the pretty baby's head. This is what we thought but it's good to get it confirmed by a professional.

Dino has the same specific issues as previously - the right side of his neck that was crunched up last time seems to have sorted itself but the top three vertibrae on the left side are 'fixed' so he can't bend correctly to the left. This is obvious on the lunge in particular where he seems to pull away from me. David did some quite heavy 'adjusting' to those and Dino will be quite sore tomorrow, poor thing. He found that particular process quite alarming.

His other problem area is his right lower spine and hip - we discovered last time he pelvis isn't straight. Our work here remains working over raised poles, with 3 raised on the right and 2 on the left, and haunches in on the left rein only. David also suggests working with a pessoa to get him moving better which we will try once I get my hands on one.

All in all pretty much as expected. Pleased there's no underlying physical issue in his back, although in some ways the mental problems are harder to fix! Generally he's going ok at the moment. Being out in the field suits him well and I feel we're getting a bit more consistency in the school and we've been working a bit in just the bridle without the cavesson which is a big step forwards. And we've been wandering up the bridle path a fair bit too. Hopefully the weather won't be too awful for the rest of the summer so we can keep him working!
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Our FlexEE arrived! It's lovely :)

Dino is now living out over-night and in for a few hours during the day. I think he's happier in himself, but the sudden change to *lots* of grass from nothing really has left him a bit bloated and gassy. They are only allowed out over-night when the summer fields are open so they've been in a new field that's been resting all winter for the past two weeks. I hope the bloated will sort itself out soon - he's much happier out but it was a bit of a shock to his system I'm sure! Unfortunately the summer fields brings with it the midges and he had sweet itch last summer so we've been sending him out rugged up to the eyeballs.
Here he is doing his best ninja impression:

Ninja horse!

Meg took a pictures of our first ride in the FlexEE - it was a bit of a mixed bag I have to say. I remain unhappy about my own riding but he's coming along ok. He's beginning to step under a bit better and use himself properly, although we're still having issues with contact.

This was quite a nice looking moment:

This was ok, although a bit on the forehand:

This however not so good! It's almost like I have no idea how to trot!!!

And, here's Dino at the end of the rainbow :D

We had a lovely hack down the bit of bridle path next to the yard on Wednesday. He can be quite nervous outside the yard, even though we know this stretch of path very well but he was super chilled on Wednesday and it was perfect weather. Gave out later of course, but the morning was nice!

Things not so good with Pico at the moment. He's back on strict box rest and a higher bute dosage. As fast as it looks like his leg is getting better he somehow tweaks it again, or pulls something else compensating for it :o(
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So, it's been a while since I've updated and honestly that's because I've been pretty fed up about Things. Work has been really hard, I injured my elbow somehow and then the other week injured my ankle, I'm exhausted and I felt like we weren't really getting anywhere with the horses. Dino, being still very green, is a bit one step forward two steps back and Pico is in a bit of a state right now with some traumatic ligament damage from when he broke his splint that's taking a long time to heal. Add the weather to that and frankly, the last few months have been pretty trying. :cry:

Shortly after I posted the last update M took some video of me riding and I that sent me further downhill and sad about things. My legs are all over the place! :sad: I'm going to put it here, not for comment, but so I know where it is when I'm looking back at things. My aim for this year is definitely to make some serious improvements to my riding.

Recently things have improved though! In a further minor set-back we had Lou out to fit Dino for a FlexEE and discovered that he's much more uneven that we'd realised which was causing us to sit to the right - something the FlexEE can't cope with too much. It was just about tolerable for me but it didn't suit M at all which was disappointing as I really wanted a dressage saddle to ride in and thought it helped my position and my legs a lot - but it didn't seem worth spending £400 on a saddle for one of us to use (currently we're using Pico's vogue on him which is fine - although now heavily shimmed) so I was going to leave it for a few months and see if we can even him out. However it turns out Heather has a prototype that should fit him! I don't mind spending £150 on a saddle for one of us so I'm pretty excited to get one!! :yahoo: Just waiting for a call from Debbie to arrange payment and delivery...

Dino is coming on well under saddle. He's much more balanced in trot (which you can see in the vid above even with me hampering him with my riding!) and he's had a couple of under saddle canters. Not with me, sadly for me, but he's coming on. He's beginning to accept the bit again a little which is good. This week I long-lined him for the first time since the Unfortunate Event and, after an initial moment of panic, he was brilliant! :D Yesterday we rounded out the week having some fun free-jumping. He's a bit of a Dino jumping montage! NB: I usually take the sound out of these videos to save you all from the ridiculous range of sounds I make at my horse. I didn't this time, please don't laugh at me too hard ;)

I particularly love the bit at the end where he tries to step on the fence! :doh: He's so lovely though - and he makes such a lovely shape over a fence :wub:

Last weekend we had a pony birthday party for him and Pico (6 and 22 respectively). My brother-in-law, who is a semi-pro photographer but has never done horses before came along and took some lovely shots. The full gallery can be found here: http://bcphotography02.zenfolio.com/p68833962 but my favourites are below.

Awwww Muuuuum! Stop kissing me in front of strangers!!
B & C Photography: Ruth's Pony Party &emdash; Ruth's Pony Party

Such a handsome chap!
B & C Photography: Ruth's Pony Party &emdash; Ruth's Pony Party

I can totally do this standing still to be mounted thing:
B & C Photography: Ruth's Pony Party &emdash; Ruth's Pony Party

I was just looking at some of the really early vids from October last year and you can clearly see how much weight he's lost and where he's beginning to get some muscle in this one:
B & C Photography: Ruth's Pony Party &emdash; Ruth's Pony Party

Very much a work in progress of course but it's coming! He made me very happy yesterday by cantering across the field to him when I called. :wub: So I think we've turned the corner. I'll be happier when I get a canter (although I'll probably make him fall over the state of my riding at present - I've not cantered in over a year) but it's all going the right way. Soon he'll be out more (we're hoping to have him out 24 hours a day through the summer) which will do Good Things for his head I think - now he's been consistently out again every day he seems to have remembered that being in the field is fun and stopped hanging out by the gate the whole time. I think he's beginning to enjoy his work under saddle a bit - he's definitely gone through a phase of not enjoying it but I think we're just about round that corner too. Here's hoping for a dry summer! :rofl:

Can't leave Pico out though! He's my favourite Pico shot from last weekend:
B & C Photography: Ruth's Pony Party &emdash; Ruth's Pony Party
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As of yesterday I officially own half of Dino :o) Now, do I want front or back...? :o)
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Yesterday was a day of minor victories...and some amusing silliness from the baby horse.

I decided to stick him out for an hour whilst I mucked out. It's been raining here and the fields are soaked again and I hadn't looked at his legs properly (cream obscures the view!) but I figured he needed the run and I could hose him off and stuff when he came in. So I put him out. He stood by the gate for a minute until I waved a rope at him whereupon he SHOT to the crest of the hill in flat out gallop, paused, galloped down the hill round the bottom of the field and landed back up at the gate. And then called to me in the most pathetic little whinny 'done now! Can I come back in?' I said 'No, you muppet, you've only got an hour, make the most of it' and got on with my yard work. So he stood and SHOUTED for me for about 15 mins and then gave up shouting and stood at the gate whinnying at me every time I came into view. Daft bugger. You'd think he'd be pleased to be out! When I did go to fetch him I paused about 10m away from the gate to chat with another owner and he was *furious* - stood calling and shouting at me until I bought him in! He makes me laugh so much :)

Anyway, after hosing I can say that most of the mud fever is gone!! Very pleased with how it looks - there are a couple of tiny scabs but I think we can think about him going out again properly on Wednesday. Very pleased about that even if he does want to be an indoor horse

This week has been about two things: pole work and contact. We're progressing him from luring him over poles with treats to properly consistently working him across them and it's going quite well - after riding him over poles for the first time on Wednesday to have him grind to halt the instant he was over the last pole and DEMAND a treat. Um, no, darling baby that's not how this works. Bit of work on the lunge on Thursday sorted that out though and he's now 'got' trotting poles, lifts his legs up beautifully so I'm pleased with that!

To solve his contact issues M hit on a brilliant idea of working him in hand with reins on the side rings on the lunge cavesson *and* on the bit - he's very comfortable in a cavesson and responds well to the pressure but we need to get him working on a proper contact now and not resisting it. Sessions yesterday and today went very well with him already accepting more contact on the reins but giving us a good fallback option that's not pulling on his mouth. I was super brave as well and hopped on him bareback for about 5 mins! I'm very pleased with myself 'cos I'm not very brave about that sort of thing and although he was momentarily confused about having a rider but no saddle he was fine We've almost got rein back back again - fine on the ground and we managed a step or two with me sitting on him but that was hard as I was in the 'wrong' place and too close to his shoulders for him to be comfortable. But we've made good progress with it in a very short space of time. I will try riding him like this in the week and hopefully in a week or two we'll be back to where we were a while ago - which was just thinking about starting canter under saddle. Maybe spring will be kind to us!

Now, a couple of weeks ago I was having a silly stress-ridden wibble about Dino not really being my horse which I expressed somewhat testily to M at one point. So, to make me feel better she found a horse brass on eBay for him WITH A RAVEN AND BATS ON IT! Here it is:
Dino's brass

Isn't that awesome? Eventually we will find a breastplate in the Spanish style to put it on - bit like this (not a brilliant example but my internet foo is low at this time of the day): - the brass could be attached so it's in the centre of his chest. And obviously he'd need a proper Iberian bridle...and crupper...and maybe Saddle... Oh to have money. :o)
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The light is all wrong, but I left Pico standing like this whilst I mucked his box out today. A full 20 or so minutes without either him or Dino moving  :wub: Well, ok, they swapped sides a couple of times...

They are both itchy 'cos they're moulting! There is horsehair *everywhere* in my house right now!

Dino's legs are looking much better. Hopefully he'll be fit to go out again in a week! *fingers crossed* There's still a couple of scabs but it's mostly nice pink healing skin:


Off hind - right

Near hind - right

Near hind - left

Pretty pleased with that! All in all it's been a difficult week - work has been hell and Dino is sick of being in and is doing his best teenage brat impression. On Thursday he had a damned good go at rolling with me on him! The sand was really deep in the indoor and he's itchy and couldn't concentrate at all on what I was asking him to do as all he could think about was trying to roll. He had a proper strop about doing anything I asked him to do. Poor baby. Really hoping we start moving forward once he's back out in the field.  :nod:
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So, the mud fever got a lot worse over the past week and we ended up calling the vet out. Poor boy, he was so sore he couldn't *bear* anyone touching his legs so I couldn't get cream on and it all got a lot worse. Goncalo came out on Thursday and advised that we put a warm poultice on the legs for a few days to soak the scabs off and the sedate him and clip off all his lovely feathers! So that's what happened today.

Here he is with his new legs:


Once the hair came off it was found he has some mud fever on all four legs - we had thought it was just the back two  :cry:.


Backs - left side

Backs - right side

Poor baby. Hopefully it'll heal pretty quickly now we've uncovered it and he can get back out in the field soon! I've been riding a bit more this week - with lunging first so he can let off steam - which is good. M watched me today which was helpful. He's been pretty silly about contact still and it's going to take a while to get back to where we were but we've agreed a plan of action so hopefully things will turn a corner soon.

Without much else to do Pico has been teaching Dino to neigh properly. There was quite a conversation going on whilst I lunged Dino within eyesight of a boxed Pico yesterday. Dino usually neighs like a cross between a teeny tiny pony and goat. It's quite funny but not what you expect from 560kg (560kg! That means he's lost about 30kg since he arrived! Thank goodness!) horse. He was practising neighing like a grown up horse following Pico's lead and it was all going quite well until he started to neigh and interrupted himself by snorting. He's such a doofus. He's cute though!
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I'm feeling a bit unsettled about things at the moment. This past few weeks seem to have been pretty hard. The weather has left the schools unusable for weeks at a time and the indoor school booked up. It's also meant Dino has mud fever. Again. I got a good look at it today and it's horrendous...what I thought was just one side of the near hind cannon bone is actually both sides. It's obviously really painful as he won't let me near it! Which means it's not being treated properly Poor baby. He tries really hard not to kick me but he can't help himself. It's also on the off hind, and he won't let me close enough to see how bad that is. When I'm up on Wednesday morning I'm going to have to enlist a member of yard staff to help hold him and try and get the scabs off and some cream on but that's going to be horrible

All of this, with the snow and being in and me doing extra days after he incapacitated M *and* he's got all silly about the particular girth we've been using as it's obviously uncomfortable in some way so he doesn't like having it tightened means I've mostly been lunging him, sometimes in side reins and working in hand. Whilst this is a perfectly reasonable way of working a baby horse it feels like we're going backwards. I feel miles away from where we were around Christmas and early Jan before the previous bout of mud fever set in He's been very reluctant about going 'back' and since the Unfortunate Event (which was while he was no going out due to mud fever - he's get *stoopid* when he can't go out) he's very unhappy about the reins being tight and has been more silly about going 'back'. I know this will come back eventually but it makes it hard to balance him 'cos he won't get his butt under himself. And he was doing 'back' really well just at the start of January after being silly about it initially so it feels like an important achievement we've just lost....

Anyway, today I stuck him on the lunge in the indoor as I have been avoiding riding him in this girth whilst I source a different one of his preferred make and style (No, no, they're not spoiled at all....) and he was having a quiet, low energy sort of day as opposed to yesterday's galloping around like a loon day... So we did that for a bit and then I walked him back to his box and thought 'F**k it. I'm going to ride my damned horse' and tacked him up (much to his annoyance - he could not believe I was tacking him up *after* he'd already been lunged!! 'Dinner comes now, no ') and then went back to the school and he was *awesome* . No back, didn't argue with him, but a few steps of haunches in, half a step of shoulder-in, some reasonable circles and a lovely trot with his head down and low for a bit.

So I'm feeling a bit better and I know we have all the time in the world and things will be better in a few weeks when spring gets its behind in gear but, you know, things just seem a bit hard right now with the slightly nagging worry about Pico and now this mud fever being worse than I thought. Horses!! Who'd bloody have them!!

Anyway. We can never have too many cute Dino pics! My current favourite:
Dino with a tyre
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