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Jul. 10th, 2017 11:44 am
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I really wish things would calm down a bit but I have to say it’s not really looking very likely. Another warm week, not totally scorching but a bit warmer than Dino really likes. And randomly yesterday RJ (another horse at the yard) gave himself heatstroke! Silly poppet.

This is what Dino thinks of the warm:

So this week we have:

– done one ST session, working a bit more on the HI and SI and trying to get rid of that push

– had a couple of schooling sessions: transitions, building up some canter and doing a little lateral work.

– had a ride in the field yesterday which got a bit more forward canter from him.

Seems to be going ok. We can get a complete circuit of canter on both reins and walk-canter is ok. Rein back isn’t very straight though, so we need to do more of that between some poles I think. But he’s getting some fitness back.

This week I think the plan is:

Monday: CT/ST kinda session

Tuesday: Schooling – maybe in the field

Wednesday: day off

Thursday: Polework – want to start jumping again!

Friday: ?CT/ST

Saturday: Schooling

Sunday: Hack if I can

Really need to get some hacking buddies. We miss going out and Jake has been off work so our usual partner hasn’t been about. Would be great to get up to the Forest again soon!

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