Cooler week

Jul. 3rd, 2017 11:53 am
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The weather has been a bit cooler again this week which suits us much better! We did one good straightness training session; he’s beginning to get a bit nippy again but the pushing is beginning to recede so I think that’s good. We also did a connection training session practising sending to and waiting at a cone and coming away when asked. He’s getting pretty good at this!

Our big achievement was a few steps of haunches in under saddle!! Only on the left rein, but this is good progress. We’re also getting a bit of shoulder-fore both ways which is also good. I had a private pilates session on Saturday (as no-one else turned up for my class) which was fascinating. We found I don’t really have much movement in my left hip. The muscles round it are very tight and so it’s quite restricted. This will not be helping the riding!!

Yesterday I had a bit of a schooling session in the field. It was nice to have a change of scenery and get a bit more momentum in the canter, hopefully we’ll get out hacking again soon. Lovely to be riding regularly again though and Dino seems to be comfortable in his saddle.

This week’s plan:

Monday – Straightness training

Tuesday – Ridden schooling: poles

Wednesday – DAY OFF (I’m going to York)

Thursday – Connection training

Friday – ? Might get an extra day off

Saturday – Ridden schooling

Sunday – Hack

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