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So this week has bought the big switch from the winter fields to the summer fields...and with it a glut of new grass and one bloated pony..!

Here he is going out with some of his mates for the first time into the big field:

This means he's been pretty lazy in the school! He even refused a treat on Wednesday as he's so full... I hope they eat some of that grass down soon. I'd quite like my better Dino back!

We had our first visit from an actual barefoot trimmer yesterday and I'm really pleased with her work. His feet are pretty good, the only problem we have is a lot of flaring (feet definitely came from the Clydesdale side - they are like dinner plates and very flat) but she's done a nice balanced trim and will be back to see him again in a few weeks.

I did get M to take some video of me riding yesterday. I'm not very happy with it. I was a bit frustrated with him being much more lazy than he has been and I don't think my riding's very good at all...!

Feel free to make constructive comments. The canter in particular is awful - in my defence I hardly cantered Pico at the best of times and not at all over the last 2 years of his life so I'm very out of practice. Also, my back has got too arched again and my legs are not very still. *sigh* I think he's improve a bit though. [I left this video processing so if you can't see it right now come back a bit later...]

For reference:
Me riding Pico in 2011 - think this was the video we did before the sim course:

Me riding Dino in March 2013:
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