Jun. 5th, 2017

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After seven weeks of Strangles hell we’re finally back out on grass. Safe to say someone was pretty happy about this!

From Saturday he was out overnight for the first time and we’re settling into the summer routine. So that’s stage one complete. Stage two is groundwork/lunging/long reining and generally getting a bit loosened up and stage three will be getting back in the saddle. As his shape has changed a bit I’ve asked the saddler to come out on the 17th and check it before I ride so that gives me two weeks to get him moving a bit. I’m also doing some clicker work to try and get rid of his leg waving and make him happier about being groomed and saddled.

So this week then I shall be doing some lunging/long reining. Mostly in walk with a few bits of trot but focussing on keeping him calm and correct. We shall see how it goes…

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Ok plan for this week is a bit of clicker stuff mostly and getting him looser:

Handling stuff:

– grooming without nipping or leg waving

– being saddled without angry faces (in stages, so just saddle pad, then saddle but no girth, then saddle with loose girth and finally properly girthed – but this should be done over a few sessions)

Schooling: short sessions focussing on attitude as much as anything else.

Monday – In hand: walking, teaching ‘out’ & ‘back’

Tuesday – In hand: as Monday

Wednesday – Lunging: poles

Thursday – day off

Friday – Lunging: physio band

Saturday -day off

Sunday – Lunging: poles


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