May. 14th, 2017

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What a fucking nightmare this is. I’m shattered. I’ve been to the yard every morning this week and every evening. Livery haven’t touched Dino. He’s mostly fine, couple of spikes in temperature but we’ve kept going with the antibiotics and it’s an even 37.1 for the last day. He has a small amount of discharge but I think that might just be the hay and straw he’s exposed to.

We will find out on Friday. Goncalo says the only way to be sure if it is Strangles is to do a guttural pouch wash so he’s coming out on Friday afternoon. With any luck I’ll get the results before I go on holiday and with a bit more luck it won’t be strangles. Not really holding out much hope though….

Meanwhile he’s in pony prison… *sadness*

Pony prison

Well fuck

May. 14th, 2017 11:47 am
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I had been hoping for a ‘Happy Birthday Dino’ type post this week. He was 10 on Thursday. And I rode on Thursday for the first time in a couple of weeks, in the field as the quarantine is still in effect. Here is the birthday boy:

Birthday Dino!

Friday: Well. Friday. Dino’s temperature was 39.4. His usual is 37.2 so this was a bit of a shock. Rang Goncalo and he said ‘give two Bute call me tomorrow’. Saturday his temp was back down to 37.4 in the morning and 37.1 in the evening so I thought we’d caught it. Sunday though: 39.7. Fuck fuck fuck.

Goncalo has given us antibiotics and Bute. Given the first this evening and hopefully we’ve caught it soon enough….but it looks like somehow he’s got Strangles. Fuck everything.


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