Oct. 20th, 2015

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PSA: This is a post about WoW to talk more at length about something that came up on Twitter. Non-wow people probably need not read unless you wanted to know what I was going on about.

On last weeks' Convert to Raid a guest host made some comments that were a bit annoying. They said something along the lines of 'if you haven't cleared normal mode raids by now you're obviously in a rubbish guild'. It was a mildly offensive statement and was part of a wider discussion which felt a bit 'casual bashing' and was making me reconsider whether this was a show I wanted to keep in my rotation but I was giving it the benefit of the doubt. For the moment.

This week the guest host 'apologised'. Their apology went like this: 'Some people have told me the thing I said last week was offensive. I'm sorry you all don't know me well enough to know it was a joke'. That, people, is not what an apology looks like. The moment your apology lays the blame for the offence at the feet of the person you are apologising to you have skipped through 'apologies' and run straight into 'excuses'.

Rule one of apologising is....you should actually apologise, in some meaningful fashion which probably involves being actually sorry, if not for the thing you did then at least for how you made the other people involved feel.

Now, I don't actually think podcast hosts have a duty not to offend, or to apologise for their opinions. It's your show! Say what you like! If you want to cater for a hardcore raiding crowd that's your call. I'm allowed to listen or not as I like. We have said *plenty* of things on Girls Gone WoW across the years which people may find offensive, and I'm guessing people offended by my constant swearing don't listen to the show. Which is totally cool.

Perhaps weirdly if they'd not bothered attempting to apologise I'd probably still be listening but this thing of not actually apologising whilst trying to sound like you are really winds me up. If you're not sorry don't apologise. You are welcome to your opinion, and I'm allowed to disagree with you, but at this point I don't think CtR is really the show for me any more.

So there you are. I'm going away now.


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